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My pocket Health

24/7 online doctor consultation, online medicine delivery & family health plans.Medical answers without appointments

Haulr : Shopping Never Sleeps

Post videos: Shoppers love the HAULR, with it you can shoutout your brands, your Hauls, and your wishlist

1 Radio News - Hourly, Podcasts, Live News

Includes BBC News, SkyNews, BBC Radio 4, News Radio UK, France 24, Al Jazeera, and many US, Canadian, and other global radio sources.

Casablanca Dreams

Welcome to Casablanca Dreams AKA #CD. We are the fastest growing, cutting-edge dating app on the market! Our mission is to provide singles in every community with organic and meaningful connections with people around the world who share the same interests, hobbies and goals!

Bs Shot

BS Shot, a cutting-edge live streaming application designed to redefine how we connect. As the proud owner and visionary behind BS Shot, I've spearheaded a platform that transcends boundaries, offering seamless, high-quality live streaming experiences. Our user-centric approach prioritizes innovation and user engagement, making BS Shot a go-to platform for content creators, businesses, and communities alike. Join us on a journey where technology meets connectivity, shaping the future of live streaming.


PetroWagon is an on-demand fuel delivery service. We deliver fuel at a location and time of your choosing. We fuel vehicles, school buses, diesel generators and other equipment that runs on fuel.
PetroWagon is an online platform through which you can order fuel at any time and any location of your convenience. Our services are designed to help save our customers time and money.


On top of having consultations with your doctor online, you can also shop virtually with DA. Shop for all your health and wellness needs on the DA Marketplace, and get items delivered to you within Singapore.


Making Professional Appointments Service more Accessible and Affordable for all.


Pathseekers as a school recognizes the uniqueness of each child and gives children an enabling environment where they can discover their own abilities and develop as confident individuals. At Pathseekers, a child can seek his or her own path to success.


Change was born out of the need to address these long standing issues. Change is a behavioral health platform that connects Caribbean people to behavioral health resources and a network of providers who are familiar with the unique cultural experience of the Caribbean.