20 Dec

2019 10:57 am

Is Kotlin a Gimmick or Future of Android App Development?

Google announced its official support for Kotlin Android App Development in 2017. This landed the Android App developers in a dilemma on the future of Android Java. Moreover, the beginners were in a fix whether to pursue the classic backbone of Java or the upcoming trendy hipster Kotlin for Android App development. A recent study […]

By Raman Bhola

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20 Dec

2019 10:52 am

Future of Virtual Reality & its Impact on Business

VR or Virtual Reality is the simulated experience that is similar yet somewhat different from the real world. It’s vast applications range from entertainment, education, business, IT, medical, and other distinct areas. The gaming sector is carrying out the extensive use of Virtual Reality while bringing its tasteful experience to common man. This technology mainly […]

By Rakesh Kumar

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